Soba Octoba

It was the fifth school week and the third week that my life was falling appart when I decided to do a month without alcohol. It was a week before October when I started, only because my birthday is on October 25th, and I’m full of good intentions, but I’m not completely insane, so I decided to do it from the 23rd of September to the 23rd of October.

I was refusing to accept that school had started and I wanted to keep the same way of life as in the summer. I was drinking on week days, going to my classes still drunk, was forgetting that I had exams, was showing late to work, it was not going well for me. I had to accept that I could not do all the activities I was doing in the summer and have a successful school life.

The first week went well, I kept myself occupied for the whole week so I would not have time to go out with my friends anyway. The second week went well too, I had accepted that my social life would take a step down for the month, I thought I was going for it. My friends were inviting me to tailgates, to drinks after work, to parties, and I was saying no to resist the temptation, because I know myself, a little « come on Gab, no one’s is going to know you didn’t do it all » would make me drink.

The third week is where all went down. I went to a pub with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and ordered a beer. I told myself that one beer would not change anything and that I would continue my sober month after.

Spoiler alert: A single beer changed everything.

Two days after « the beer », I went camping with my best friend and drank a total of a headache and a half of beers, my sober October was officially over.

It’s only 2 days ago that I discovered that it’s not alcohol that was making my life falling appart, it’s just the fact that I don’t have my shits together and I refuse to be an adult. Anyway, that month (two weeks) was still a success for my liver, it thanks me a lot.

Now that I failed,
Cheers !

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